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  • The Association of University Radiologic Technologists was founded in 1967 (AURT)
  • In 1984 the name was changed to The Association of Educators in Radiological Sciences (AERS)
  • June 10, 2006 membership voted to change the name to Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiologic Sciences (AEIRS)
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Honorary Members Past Presidents Honors Lecturers

Call for Honors Lecturers

As Chairman of the AEIRS Honors Committee, I would like to remind you of the opportunity to nominate one of your colleagues for the Annual Honors Lecture Award. In prior years, AEIRS has selected a member of our profession to receive the Honors Award in recognition of outstanding professional accomplishment, leadership in the field of radiologic sciences, and commitment to the society. Letters of nomination should describe the accomplishments of the colleague being nominated and also emphasize the significance of those accomplishments. Evaluation of the nominee will be made based on professional qualities, as well as civic and non-technical accomplishments.

Please send your nominations to the Honors Chair ( by April 1, 2019. The AEIRS Board will review the nominees at the Annual Meeting in July. The nominee will be considered for 2020, 2021 or 2022. All nominees will remain on file for three years. We appreciate your participation and cooperation in submitting nominations. As you are aware, recognition of your colleagues is an extremely important public relations service to our profession.


Charles Drago
Chair, Honors Lecture Committee

Call for 2019 AEIRS Fellow Applications

The highest honor the AEIRS can bestow on a member is the designation of Fellow. The Fellow category was established to honor AEIRS members who have made exceptional contributions to AEIRS, radiologic sciences education, and the profession. We encourage members to review the Fellow applications on the AEIRS website to determine whether you meet the established criteria in each category to qualify for elevation to Fellow status for 2019.

This year we will transition to revised criteria. The criteria were amended in the spring, with input from the Academy of Fellows, to place greater emphasis on service to AEIRS. For this year only, applicants will have the opportunity to apply for consideration using either the previous criteria or the newly revised criteria. The applications are attached. They can also be downloaded from the AEIRS website

The application deadline for the 2019 installation of Fellows is February 1, 2019. One of the most important tasks in preparing the application is gathering the supporting materials (proof of points). It is never too early to begin the process of organizing this documentation. We encourage members to review the applications to determine whether you meet the established criteria in each category to qualify for 2019. Applications must be completed electronically with verification/proof of points scanned and sent with the application. Once submitted, applications are forwarded to the members of the Fellows Committee for evaluation. All applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decision, and Fellow designation will be bestowed upon those members who qualify for Fellow status at the 2019 AEIRS Annual Meeting in Waikoloa, Hawaii.

If you have questions after reviewing the applications, or need assistance in the process, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us.

The Fellows Committee

Mari King

Bruce Long

James Murrell

Charter Members

Association of University Radiologic Technologists

A.U.R.T. Charter Membership Roll

Executed June 9, 1967

Chase Park Plaza Hotel

St Louis, Missouri

Ralph Bannister W. David Blackwell
J. Robert Bullock John B. Cahoon
Hilda E. Drum Edward S. Eccoual
LaVerne T. Gurley Del Henderson
Fred J. Hoover Charles Hopkins
George F. Koenig Frank E. Lane
Meredith G. Lewis R.S. Macy
Robert E. Manor Frank V. Martin
Helen G. Mathews Phyllis McEnarney
Elizabeth Nalley Richard A. Olden
John William Rauliuk Frances Elliott
W. Robinson Harold Silverman
Reba Taylor John C. Watson


Chairman: Goerge F. Koenig
Chairman-Elect: John W. Watson
Secretary/Treasurer: Phyllis L. McEnerney

Honorary Members

  • Edith Applegate
  • Valerie Christensen
  • Shirley Singleton

Life Members

  • Phil Ballinger
  • Frances Campeau*
  • Eugene D. Frank
  • M.Jo Edwards
  • LaVerne Gurley*
  • Del Henderson*
  • Mari P. King
  • Neta McKnight
  • Theodore Ott
  • Jordan Renner, M.D.
  • James Temme
  • Judith K. Williams*
  • Carole South-Winter
  • Donna Lee Wright

(* = deceased)

Past Presidents

Kelli Welch Haynes2017
Jennifer Chiu2016
John Eichinger2015
Tracy Herrmann2014
Kenya Haugen2013
Deborah Leighty2012
Paula Pate-Schloder2011
Joy Menser2010
James Murrell2009
Mari King2008
James Murrell2007
Jeffrey Killion2006
Carole South-Winter2005
Richard Terrass2004
Debra Mc Mahan2003
Elwin Tilson2002
Paula Maramonte2001
Nadia Bugg2000
Rick Carlton1999
Donna Lee Wright1998
Rebecca (Waters) Ludwig1997
Marilyn Holland1996
Weymouth Spence1995
Joy J. Renner1994
M. Judy Mc Laughlin1993
Cheryl K. Sanders1992
Gary Masterson1991
C. William Mulkey1990
Bonnie Wold1989
Gregory Spicer1988
Judith K. Williams1987
Frances E. Campeau1986
Dianne A. George1985
Philip R. Maynard1984
Harold Gaspard1983
Annette B. Lee1982
Judith K. Williams1981
Ronald Korb1980
Phillip G. Koppang1979
Gregory H. Trovato1978
Betty L. Palmer1977
Daryl M. Reynolds1976
Marion B. Mc Daniels1975
La Verne T. Gurley1973
Harold Silverman1971
Del R. Henderson1969
George F. Koenig1967

Honors Lecturers

2018 Elwin Tilson
2017 Laura Aaron
2016 Richard Carlton
2015 Paula Pate-Schloder
2014 James Murrell
2013 Carole South-Winter
2012 Jeffrey B. Killion
2011 Leslie F. Winter
2010 Bruce W. Long
2009 Charles Barry Burns
2008 Jo Geren Edwards
2007 Rebecca Ludwig
2006 James B. Temme
2005 Barbara Wilson Chakmakjian
2004 Joy J. Renner
2003 Donna Lee Wright
2002 Judith K. Williams
2001 Eugene D. Frank
2000 Cheryl Kirkpatrick Sanders
1999 Marilyn H. Holland
1998 Jordan B. Renner, M.D.
1997 Neta B. McKnight
1996 Bonnie S. Wold
1995 Nadia Bugg
1994 Roland C. McGowan
1993 Arlene M. Adler
1992 Gregory L. Spicer
1991 Philip W. Ballinger
1990 Marilyn Fay
1989 Frances E. Campeau
1988 LaVerne Raemaker
1987 Del R. Henderson
1986 LaVerne T. Gurley

Academy of Fellows

2018 Laura Aaron
2017 Nina Kowalczyk
2017 Pamela Rowntree
2016 James Murrell
2016 José Rafael Moscoso-Alvarez
2015 Paula Pate-Schloder
2015 Mari King
2014 Bruce Long
2014 Kim Metcalf
2012 Richard Weening
2010 Barbara Smith
2008 La Verne T. Gurley
2008 Richard Terrass
2006 Carole South-Winter
2005 Paula Maramonte
2004 Elwin Tilson
2003 Donna Lee Wright
2003 Eugene D. Frank
2003 Joy Renner
2002 Barbara Dehner
2000 Rebecca Ludwig
2000 Joanne Ludwig Greathouse
1999 Doreen Towsley Cook
1996 Philip W. Ballinger
1995 M. Jo Edwards
1995 Marylou Walsh Phillips
1994 Mary Frances Elliot Campeau
1994 Neta B. McKnight
1994 G. William Mulkey
1994 Cheryl Kirkpatrick Sanders
1993 Arlene M. Adler
1993 Nadia Bugg
1993 Rick Carlton
1993 M. Judy McLaughlin
1993 Judith Malinowski
1993 Gary N. Masterson
1993 Betty L. Palmer
1993 Cheryl L. Smith
1993 Gregory L. Spicer
1993 James B. Temme
1993 Judith K. Williams