Strategic Plan

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The Board of Directors organize the responses from Strategic Planning survey.

AEIRS Strategic Planning Outline

approved 7/7/2010

1. Membership/Marketing
Goal: Increase visibility of AIERS to programs/faculty in all modalities

     1. Establish a marketing committee composed of all modalities
     2. Redesign logo
     3. Investigate a multi-year fee schedule (1-3-5 year)
     4. Increase membership over a 5 year range (2% each year)

1. Marketing committee: 2011
2. Logo: 2010
3. Fee schedule: 2012
4. Ongoing

2. Collegiality
Goal: Provide the members more opportunities for involvement in AEIRS through committee structures.

1. Increase opportunities for members to become active in AEIRS
2. Incoming president will assess committee activity and call for volunteers to serve.
3. Populate committees annually with qualified members

#1 2010 (ongoing)
#2 2010 (ongoing)
#3 2010 (ongoing)

3. Mentoring/Networking
Goal: Provide continuing support in the development and implementation of the mentoring program

1. Launch the mentoring committee at the 2010 annual meeting
2. Identify mentoring committee members through ribbons on badges at annual meeting

#1 2010
#2 2010 (ongoing)

4. Meetings
Goal: Produce quality continuing education opportunities for educators at both the national and regional level

1. Select an appropriate mix of seasoned and new speakers for meeting
2. Continuing to partner with state and regional organizations to provide mini conferences/workshops
3. Investigate ways to include electronic technologies in the form of a workshop during RSNA or min-conference in a venue to be determined
4. Investigate the possibility of becoming our own RCEEM (M. King will check cost)

#1 2011 (ongoing)
#2 2010 (ongoing)
#3 2011
#4 2010

5. Web presence/online resources
Goal: Enhance user friendly web resources

1. Improve the look and feel of the AEIRS website
2. Determine the organization of the "members only" and "online resources" sections of the web site
3. Investigate alternate forms of CE offerings

#1 2010 (ongoing)
#2 2010 (ongoing)
#3 2014

6. Publications
Goal: Establish a consistent timeline for publications

Adhere to timeline for Spectrum and Journal.

Timeline: 2010 (ongoing)