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Are You a Superhero?
By Tiffani Walker, MSRS, RT(R)

Salutations, radiologic science colleagues and educators. Since the annual meeting in July, the AEIRS Board of Directors has been working hard to establish a new strategic plan. Thank you to all who participated in our survey! Our mid-year board meeting is forthcoming. I look for- ward to working with the board as we discuss this year’s initiatives. We continue to be committed to our membership and the mission of AEIRS.

The Board of Directors has been pre- paring for the 2019 Annual Meeting, to be held July 10 – 12 at the Hilton Waikoloa Village in Waikoloa, Hawaii. I hope to see you all there! The 2020 Annual Meeting will be held in Madison, Wisconsin, and we are working to finalize our location for the 2021 Annual Meeting. Stay tuned for the results and please watch for opportunities to volunteer, provide a lecture, or present a poster. I am excited to report that the AEIRS CE Event Planner position, which was posted over the last couple of months, has been filled. I would like to officially welcome Shirley Douglass to the AEIRS team as our new CE Event Planner. We are thrilled to have her come on- board, bringing with her, years of experience and enthusiasm.

Superheroes, Role Models, and Educators

With recent movie releases like Aquaman, Mary Poppins, Robin Hood, and another Spiderman movie, the world seems focused on superheroes. At an event I attended recently, I heard a presenter compare educators to superheroes. That resonated with me enough that I wanted to share it with all of you. I began to contemplate the question, “What makes a superhero?” When I think of superheroes, I think of inspiring role models for what we want to be. We can be just that for our students – an inspiration by example. For our colleagues, we can help mentor newcomers to the field or those looking to advance. We can give back to our profession through leadership, publication, and volunteerism.

A superhero normally is not powerful, brave, and strong from the very beginning. Something spectacular leads them to greatness. For us, as educators, this story begins in the prime days of our journey through radiology education and experience working in the field. Perseverance was required to stay the course and continue with our educational inspirations. We grew into our educator roles, and over time, matured our skills to become great leaders for students. We continue to adapt these skills to keep up with the developing times. A superhero’s story usually involves some type of science, cool gadgets, and rad names. A superhero exists as long as the need to serve exists. I guess that means we are all superheroes.

A superhero is seen at all times of the day or night, ready to serve. I remember the first person to tell me, as a colleague, that I was his role model. I truly had not thought of myself in that way. I think back over the years of the many role models I have found within AEIRS, and how much AEIRS has helped me grow throughout my own journey. For me, seeing my students walk across the stage at graduation and light up with enthusiasm is what makes all the long days and late nights worth it! We can and do make a difference!

Now that you know you are a superhero, what are you going to do to help serve the need? As a superhero, you could submit an article to a publication, volunteer on a committee, run for a position on the board, present at our next annual meeting, or be a mentor. As I experience life’s many ups and downs, I am reminded of the importance to keep perspective. I hope you know what a difference you can make! Be that superhero!