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AEIRS Board busy at the Midyear meeting

Communication, communication, communication…

Communication is key. We have all seen, heard, said or been told this statement in several different arenas. What does it mean to the educator? It can mean too many things to mention in this article. I am going to focus on the communication between educators. As many of you attend your local, state, and national conferences, you meet new people and create bonds with people who may teach the same courses as you do, can relate to the problematic students, and share the zeal for educating students. What do you do when you return to home base? You have learned new tools, gained a new insight, but how many of you catalog that information for your colleagues both at your school and beyond? Yes, many of you share some key notes at your department meeting with your peers but how many of you share the information with other departments? Or reach out to an acquaintance that you met a year before at the last AEIRS annual meeting? I know we are all very busy with our day to day duties and responsibilities but we need to make a concerted effort to communicate our new found nuggets of knowledge to one another to make us better educators in the present and for the future.

I encourage each of you to share something new you have tried in the classroom or in the clinical setting with a peer from a different department or a colleague from another campus. As educators, we need to communicate our successes and failures with one another to keep our field moving forward to ensure that the future of imaging sciences stay on the frontlines of innovation. Another way to communicate and share is to become a mentor or by contributing to the AEIRS online educator resources.

If you are looking for an opportunity to meet new people and learn what others in the imaging sciences are learning and doing, join us at the AEIRS Atlanta Educators Conference on Friday, February 28, 2014 or the Ohio State Annual meeting in Cincinnati, OH starting Thursday, April 10,2014. If you have any questions regarding the upcoming meetings, please contact John Eichinger and Kelli Haynes respectively.

Kenya Haugen, DM, MS, RT(R)
AEIRS President