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AEIRS Board busy at the Midyear meeting

My Relationship with AEIRS

This year's annual meeting held in Providence, Rhode Island, was an amazing success. On behalf of the Board, I would like to acknowledge the excellent work done by our staff and volunteers who helped to plan and implement the annual meeting. These persons include the annual meeting team comprised of Carole South-Winter, our meeting planner; Valerie Christensen, our executive secretary; and Kim Metcalf, the annual meeting chairperson. In addition, I would like to recognize all of the incredible speakers who shared their expertise, the volunteers who worked cheerfully and diligently, and also our conference partners who shared their valuable products and programs. Finally, please join in congratulating James Murrell, our Honors Lecturer; our newly inducted Fellows, Kim Metcalf and Bruce Long; and Phil Ballinger as our Life Member.

In my acceptance speech at the Business session at the annual meeting, I shared the following story of my “relationship” with AEIRS.

I met AEIRS a long time ago when I was very young and very inexperienced. AEIRS helped me through the rough terrain of curriculum development, policy development, and pedagogy (a word I had never heard before). I was not fully invested in AEIRS at that time but I was a card-holding member and took advantage of publications and meetings when funding and time permitted. It was a romantic time of meetings in Chicago with the RSNA, and AEIRS and I were casual acquaintances.

In the next phase of my AEIRS relationship, I began to give back. I shared bits of my time on committees and as a speaker at the annual meetings. We became good friends, and I was more motivated than ever to attend meetings so that I could steal/share ideas from/with my AEIRS colleagues. This seemed like the dating phase of our relationship.

So you may wonder where I am in this relationship today. Twenty-six years later, AEIRS and I are still going strong. We are deeply involved, and I am addicted to our relationship. I get excited at the thought of an upcoming issue of Spectrum or the journal. What will I learn next? How can I apply this to my teaching and to student learning? Yes, I AM a nerd and I know many of you are, too. I mark my calendar years in advance for the annual meeting, and I’m already anxious to see what’s in store for San Antonio, Texas, in 2015.

AEIRS and I are family. The amount of learning and collaboration I have experienced with the members of this association is immeasurable. The Board is my support system, and the AEIRS members are my people. It would be impossible to list all of those in our family who have dedicated their time and commitment to the collaborations of this association and I am humbled to follow in the footsteps of those educators who came before me in this position. I hope to invest my support in our association so that we can further build on their legacy.

My goal in sharing my relationship with AEIRS is NOT to talk about myself but to INSPIRE you to take full advantage of all that AEIRS has to offer. Where are you in your relationship with AEIRS? Meet a new colleague, start a conversation on a new topic, collaborate with an educator who has a unique experience or perspective, network with the experts and grab a selfie, find a new resource to improve your teaching, volunteer for a committee, apply to speak or present a poster at the annual meeting, lead a committee, or run for the board. Our strategic plan is designed to support connections, collaborations, leadership development, and excellence in education, communication, and diversity. As educators, we teach, we serve, we create, and we research. We are the foundation of the medical imaging and radiologic science professions. As such, I challenge you to POWER UP your relationship with AEIRS.

In closing, I would like to thank every member for his or her continued support of our association and I hope you will plan now to attend our Annual meeting to be held in San Antonio, Texas, on July 16 and 17, 2015. Enjoy your students this fall!!

Tracy Hermann, MEd, RT(R)
AEIRS President