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AEIRS Board busy at the Midyear meeting

A Vision and Mission for AEIRS

Over the past two years the Board of Directors has been revising and reframing the strategic plan for the Association of Educators in Radiologic and Imaging Sciences (AEIRS). In 2013, information was sought to draft a vision and mission for AEIRS through an open forum with members and via an on-line member survey. The mission and vision were further refined with member input resulting in the following vision and mission statements.

AEIRS Vision: “To be the premier organization that fosters growth and advancement of educators to improve medical imaging and radiologic sciences education.”

AEIRS Mission: “AEIRS strives to achieve excellence in all aspects of educational leadership by facilitating the exchange of scholarly ideas, recognizing and sharing expertise, and encouraging research through educational conferences, publications, and collaborative networks.”

The following themes, goals, and strategies were also developed to support the mission and vision. They were presented to the membership at the 2014 annual meeting:

Themes and Goals:
    • Networking: Foster connections and collaboration between members to advance educational excellence.
    • Outreach / Communication: Establish effective communication channels to attract and retain a diverse membership.
    • Educational Resource: Provide the membership with accessible educational resources.
    • Leadership: Develop educational leaders by providing experiences that advance skills in service, teaching and research.

    • Promote the use of social media to improve educator collaboration.
    • Investigate and establish priorities for networking with educator and state societies.
    • Create formal networking opportunities at the annual meeting.
    • Establish and implement a virtual coaching plan.
    • Create leadership development opportunities for committee chairs and liaisons.
    • Develop a committee structure that supports the strategic plan while encouraging diverse member participation.
    • Enhance website to become a more effective communication channel and repository of resources.
    • Investigate CE and non-CE resources to support service, teaching and research such as webinars, tutorials, etc.
    • Investigate feasibility of hiring a marketing consultant.
    • Plan and implement poster presentations at annual meeting.

The most recent step in the strategic planning process has been to adjust our committee structure and committee charges to support these goals and to implement these strategies. Some committees have been renamed and others have been combined or divided. The functions of the International Committee pertinent to the strategic goals have been merged into the Recruitment Committee and the Research/Scholarship Committee charges and are supported by our liaison to the ISRRT. The functions of our By-Laws, Nominating, and Fellows Committees have been retained under the new strategic plan, however, other committees have new charges to include strategies intended to accomplish the goals set forth in the strategic plan. Refinement of these charges by the board has taken some time and as a result the work of some of our committees was delayed this year. Now, however, all committees are up and running.

The full strategic plan is available at and a summary of the new charges and committees are below: Educational Resources Committee: develop, review, and assess the resources and structure of the resources provided on the AEIRS web page and inform the membership through social media what resources are new to the resource folder (exercises, links, open-source media, etc.)

Networking Committee: promote the use of social media to improve educator collaboration, sharing of ideas and resources, and discussion of research, investigate and develop networking opportunities for AEIRS members.

Research/Scholarship Committee: manage and review the AEIRS research grant and scholarships applications, develop submission guidelines for poster presentations Recruitment Committee: create a plan to recruit a diverse membership including strategies, implementation, costs, timeline, and projected growth.

In closing, I would like to thank the AEIRS members, the Board, liaisons/appointees and all of the committee chairs and committee members who are willing to take the lead in our pursuit of accomplishing the AEIRS vision and mission. Thanks also to Paula Pate-Schloder who has guided the Board throughout the strategic planning process. Please share information about AEIRS with your colleagues and encourage them to join our great association. Also, I encourage you to consider running for an office or volunteering to serve as a committee member to help accomplish our association goals.

Tracy Hermann, MEd, RT(R)
AEIRS President