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June 3, 2019

Proposed Bylaw Changes to be voted upon at the 2019 AEIRS Annual Business Meeting

Proposed amendment 1 Article IV Board of Directors
Section 8 Termination.
The Board of Directors (new: shall remove any Board member by a majority vote) for
dereliction of duty or conduct detrimental to the Association of Educators in Imaging and
Radiologic Sciences, Inc.
Deleted: Termination. have the responsibility to demand the resignation of any officer or
director for.....

Proposed amendment 2: Article VII Finances
Section 3 Payment of Dues.
(new: Dues shall be payable within sixty (60) days of the renewal date. Members who have
not renewed within
60 days of the expiration date, will be listed as dropped and will not be able to receive
Deleted: Members may be reinstated within 120 days of the expiration date without
submitting an
application fee. New member applications (including the application fee) will be required
after July 31st

ASRT Statement on FDA’s Proposed Repeal of Radiologic Health Activities

Apr 09, 2019

The Food and Drug Administration recently published a proposed rule to amend certain parts of its radiologic health regulations, including a recommendation to end the use of gonadal shielding on patients during medical diagnostic x-ray procedures.

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists is in conversations with the American Association of Physicists in Medicine and will meet with the American College of Radiology in May to discuss the FDA’s proposal on gonadal shielding. In addition, ASRT is in discussions with other medical imaging organizations to gather information about their positions on the FDA’s proposed rule.

Gonadal shielding is currently a standard practice for many facilities and radiologic technologists. As such, the radiologic technology community should examine how changing long-standing shielding guidelines will affect patients and procedures.

In addition, changing radiation safety best practices requires significant communication between members of the radiologic technology community. If the community eliminates radiation safety practices, a number of systems will require amendments including many state statutes, facility protocols and educational program curriculums.

Several other organizations are weighing in on the subject of shielding practices. The AAPM released a statement on April 2, 2019, recommending discontinuing gonadal and fetal shielding practices. In addition, the National Council on Radiation Protection is preparing a paper for a fall release that will provide recommendations, based on scientific evidence, on whether gonadal shielding should continue to be used as a routine safety precaution.

ASRT will publish more information on this topic after it meets with stakeholders. Information will be available on the ASRT website and in other communication vehicles.

2019 AEIRS Mid-year Overview

The AEIRS Board of Directors met for the Mid-year Board Meeting in Shreveport, LA, January 2nd – 8th, 2019. An overview of the important actions and decisions is as follows:

Financial Actions:

    1. Review of the AEIRS financial report, creation of the 2019 Annual Meeting budget and the 2019-2020 AEIRS budget.
        a. The Board discussed areas in which we can reduce AEIRS operating costs because of a proposed deficit in the 2018-2019 budget
        b. Hire of an Event Planner for future events
        c. Expenses were evaluated for future RFP’s and evaluation of sites for the 2021 Annual Meeting
        d. Board decided to rename the International Travel scholarship to the Travel Scholarship

Strategic Plan:

    1. The Board established a new strategic plan for the 2019-2024 initiative.
        a. Member Survey Results were reviewed by the Board and used the survey as a starting point for the creation 2019-2024 strategic plan.
        b. A preview of the established strategic plan was delivered to the membership for review and comment
        c. Reevaluation of AEIRS mission statement and values were also assessed for the new strategic plan for 2019-2024
            i. MISSION: AEIRS supports the transformative development of exceptional medical imaging and radiologic science professionals through the promotion of academic excellence.
            ii. VALUES: 1. Integrity 2. Accountability 3. Inclusivity

Upcoming Meetings and CE Events:

    1. The 2019 AEIRS Annual Meeting conference will be held at the Hilton Waikoloa Village in Waikoloa, Hawaii. meeting dates are July 10th – 12th. The hotel is situated on a spectacular oceanfront playground, set on the sunny Kohala Coast of Hawaii, the Big Island. The resort hotel is unlike anywhere else on earth, an island that is unique with its own rich culture, an active volcano, rain forests, waterfalls, valleys, snow-capped peaks, and warm beaches. There is something for everyone in the family to stay entertained during this year’s Annual Meeting. Attendees are encouraged to make dining and entertainment reservations far in advance of the meeting. Information and registration is available on the AEIRS website.

    2. The 2020 AEIRS Annual Conference will be held in Madison, WI dates July 8th – 10th.

    3. The Board issued an RFP for the 2021 Annual Meeting to be held in Jacksonville, FL. and a final contract will be signed within the next few months.

Committee & Liaison Mid-year Report Recommendation Actions:

    1. Editorial Review Board and Journal Executive Editor
        a. A summer edition of the journal will not be published due to the lack of manuscripts.
        b. Update to the policy manual to include new policy on copyright information.
        c. Terri Fauber is stepping down and recommended Laurie Adams to be the new chair. Laurie is currently the vice-chair
    2. Associated Sciences at RSNA
        a. Shirley Douglas, as the new Event Planner, will be the liaison for RSNA
    3. SNMMI-TS
        a. Check the AEIRS website for information regarding the SNMMI 2019 Annual Meeting scheduled to be held in Anaheim, California June 22-25, 2019
    4. Bylaws Committee
        a. The Bylaws Committee recommended edits based on the Board’s decision to implement rotating renewal of membership.
    5. Educational Resources Committee
        a. Committee to work with the new Event Planner to coordinate regional meetings.
        b. The board will be reviewing the committee structure and will be distributing that information to all committee members
    6. Fellows Committee
        a. Reformat of the honor’s lecture program using a common software such as Microsoft publisher.
    7. Networking and Recruitment Committees
        a. Marketing strategic plan initiatives will be discussed with the Recruitment Committee.
    8. Nominating Committee
        a. Nominating Chair and Operations Manager will revise the call for nominations email to include duties and time commitment.
    9. Other
        a. Board developed an Advocacy Ad hoc Committee for the 2019-2020 year, the committee will work on national practice standards and the feasibility of national certification for educators.
        b. Board determined that the Annual Business Meeting Minutes Committee will be a standing committee and will be comprised of the Parliamentarian, one of the Sergeant-at-Arms, and will be chaired by the third year Director at Large and the incoming President Elect.

The AEIRS Board of Directors will hold a WebEx meeting in the spring to finalize edits to the AEIRS Finance Policy Manual and the AEIRS Policy Manual. The Pre-annual Board Meeting will be held on July 10, 2019.

Tiffani Walker
AEIRS President, MSRS, R.T.(R)