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2018 AEIRS Mid-year Overview

The AEIRS Board of Directors met for the Mid-year Board Meeting in Charleston, SC on January 13 & 14, 2018. An overview of the important actions and decisions is as follows:

Financial Actions:

     1. Review of the AEIRS Operation Manager financial report, creation of the 2018 Annual Meeting budget and the 2018-2019 AEIRS budget.
          a. The Board discussed areas in which we can reduce AEIRS operating costs because of a proposed deficit in the 2018-2019 budget.
          b. A decision was made to place a hold on the recruitment of an AEIRS Business Manager and to reassign many of the previous Meeting Planner duties to the Operations Manager and members of the Board of Directors.
     2. The Operations Manager contract was renewed through December 2019.
     3. The Board approved a trial of the use of Clover Go for managing electronic annual meeting merchandise sales, the silent auction, on-site registrations, and Pass the Hat fundraising.
     4. In an effort to reduce costs, the Board will not be sending paper brochures for future Annual Meetings. All information will be posted on the website.

Strategic Plan:

     1. The Board updated the current Strategic Plan. The next Strategic Planning Board Meeting will be held in conjunction with the 2019 mid-year meeting in January 2019.

Upcoming Meetings and CE Events:

     1. An AEIRS Educators Workshop will be held March 2, 2018 as a pre-conference event in conjunction with the 2018 Atlanta Society Student and Radiographer’s Seminar and Educator’s Conference. Information and registration is available on the AEIRS website.
     2. The 2018 AEIRS Annual Conference will be held July 12 & 13, 2018 at the Francis Marion Hotel in Charleston, SC. This historic hotel is quaint with 1920’s style and grace. Charleston is a “foodie lover’s paradise” and a wide variety of restaurants are within walking distance from the hotel. However, attendees are encouraged to make dining and entertainment reservations far in advance of the meeting. Information and registration is available on the AEIRS website.
     3. The 2019 AEIRS Annual Conference will be held July 11 & 12, 2019 at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, Waikoloa, HI located on the “big island” of Hawaii. The Call for Presentations will be open soon!
     4. The Board issued an RFP for the 2020 Annual Meeting to be held in Wisconsin and reviewed two responses to our call. Both sites will be visited and a final contract will be signed within the next few months.

Committee & Liaison Mid-year Report Recommendation Actions:

     1. Kelli Haynes, AEIRS President, will be conducting a conference call meeting this spring for all liaisons and all committee chairs and vice chairs.
     2. Editorial Review Board and Journal Executive Editor
          a. The review process has been streamlined and revised checklists are now being used by the reviewers;
          b. Guidelines for Authors will be edited to require manuscript length 6-20 typed pages; 10-14 pages are ideal;
          c. The current backlog of manuscripts is declining with the increase in the annual number of journal publications. There will be 4 articles published in the first 2018 edition of Radiologic Science and Education.
     3. Newsletter Executive Editor
          a. In an effort to reduce printing costs, we will be eliminating publication of the AEIRS membership application in future editions of Spectrum and including the AEIRS webpage link to direct individuals to our webpage. This will appear as a hyperlink in the electronic version of the newsletter.
     4. Associated Sciences at RSNA
          a. The Board is seeking an Associated Sciences at RSNA liaison to serve 2019-2021. The liaison must be available and commit to attend the 2019 Associated Sciences Committee planning meeting scheduled in Oakbrook, IL in September 2018. Please contact Jennifer Chiu ( if you are interested in serving in this role.
     5. SNMMI-TS
          a. Check the AEIRS website for information regarding the SNMMI Midyear meeting scheduled to be held in Orlando FL January 25-28, 2018 and the SNMMI 2018 Annual Meeting scheduled to be held in Philadelphia, PA June 23- 26, 2018.
     6. Educational Resources Committee
          a. Tiffany Roman, AEIRS ERC Chair, welcomes member suggestions on ways to help increase the following topic areas: Course Syllabi, Curriculum, Educational Leadership, Pedagogy, and Research/Publication.
     7. Fellows Committee
          a. The Fellows Committee has reviewed the criteria for elevation to AEIRS Fellow status and will be finalizing the criteria for implementation with the 2019 Fellow applications. The Fellows Committee is currently drafting a Fellows Procedure Manual.
     8. Networking and Recruitment Committees
          a. The Networking Committee will be formalizing a new member orientation at the 2018 AEIRS Annual Meeting. Both the Networking & Recruitment Committees will be working together on a formal meet and greet to welcome first time annual meeting attendees.
     9. Scholarship Committee
          a. The Board approved a recommendation from the Scholarship Committee to increase the International Scholarship to $1,000.

The AEIRS Board of Directors will hold a WebEx meeting in the spring to finalize edits to the AEIRS Finance Policy Manual and the AEIRS Policy Manual, as well as finalize the 2020 Annual Meeting location and hotel. The Pre-annual Board Meeting will be held on July 11, 2018.

Kelli Haynes
AEIRS President, MSRS, R.T.(R)