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AEIRS Board busy at the Midyear meeting

The Best is Yet to Come.

The AEIRS Annual meeting is right around the corner. Have you made your reservations? If not, you still have time to join us in Providence, Rhode Island, July 17-18, 2014. This conference will be one that you do not want to miss! Have you been to the AEIRS website lately? You will find more information about the annual meeting as well a call for 2015 Annual Meeting presentations. Challenge yourself and submit a presentation to speak in San Antonio, TX.

The 2014-2015 Board of Directors election results are in! Congratulations to the new President-Elect, John Eichinger; Director-at-Large, Joan Elaine Becker; and Dr. Philip Ballinger was elected to be elevated to an AEIRS Life Member. In addition, Bruce Long and Dr. Kim Metcalf will be elevated to Fellows at the annual meeting. Congratulations to all! To all those who ran for office, your willingness to make a difference are appreciated and please consider running again for office in the next election. The annual election is an important benefit of your AEIRS membership; it is important to vote and have your voice heard.

On a personal note, this year has been an insightful year for me as the AEIRS President. This year I had my first opportunity to be a part of strategic planning for AEIRS. We developed a mission, a vision, and several short and long term goals to ensure that we maintained alignment with the purpose of the organization and continued to meet and exceed the needs of the membership. As we began to wrap up our strategic planning session, I begin to reflect on how indebted I am to the AEIRS membership for affording me the opportunity to serve as Secretary/Treasurer and President. I never thought that I would be part of such a phenomenal movement of educators. Being a part of AEIRS has significantly contributed to my passion as a learner and educator.

AEIRS hosted an Educator Workshop one day prior to the start of the 26th Atlanta Society Annual Student and Radiographer’s Seminar and Educator’s Conference. We had impressive attendance and a valuable experience. All those in attendance learned something new or gained another resource tool. I attended the Atlanta conference for the first time this year and it was amazing. My biggest take away from the experience was learning how educators all over the country were pulling together to solve issues and concerns that affected their respective state’s educational mandates or collaborating through virtual meetings. I may not have had the honor and pleasure to be a part of this movement if I had not been a member of AEIRS nor President. I look forward to our future and can see that the best is yet to come!

Kenya Haugen, DM, MS, RT(R)
AEIRS President