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Frequently Asked Questions


What is AEIRS?

AEIRS is an international professional organization providing resources for education, networking, and research.

What are the benefits of joining AEIRS?

AEIRS members network through e-mail and websites, through the Spectrum newsletter, through the peer-reviewed journal Radiologic Science & Education, and especially through contacts at professional meetings where they enjoy reduced registration rates. Members have opportunities for collaboration with other professional organizations and have a strong voice in the profession. AEIRS supports its members with resources and support such as research grants, database development, and scholarships for research and special projects and international travel support for scholarly presentations.

What is the AEIRS membership year?

The dues year for AEIRS is April 1st to March 31st annually. New member applications received between January 1st and March 31st will be processed to include the remaining months in the current membership year as well as the upcoming membership year.

How can I pay for my AEIRS membership?

Payments can be made by check or credit card. Credit Card payments are processed through PayPal.

How can I get more involved in AEIRS?

Contact any of the Board of Directors listed on this website.

Annual Meeting

How does AEIRS select the annual meeting location?

The Board of Directors selects cities based on member input in the western, central, and eastern regions of the country. The annual meeting attendees are asked to rank these selections. The meeting planner continues to investigate the selected cities and finally does a site visit to the city that can offer the best package to AEIRS members.


Who can run for the AEIRS Board of Directors?

All active members can run for the offices of Secretary/Treasurer or Director at Large. All active AEIRS members who have served on the AEIRS Board of Directors are eligible for the position of President-Elect. AEIRS values its members and welcomes all those interested to run. We are a voluntary operation and this is a way for you to become more involved with the wonderful people in this organization.


How can I get past issues of the Radiologic Science & Education journal or the Spectrum newsletter?

You can contact the Executive Office for printed copies of past issues. Both publications are included with the AEIRS annual membership. Past Publications are available in the Members Only section of the website. Members can login and select member files to view these publications.

Can a library subscribe to Radiologic Science & Education?

The journal is available at a library rate of $35 per calendar year. Contact the Executive Office regarding subscriptions.