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Active Membership
ONE YEAR: $80.00 (this includes the $5.00 application fee)
TWO YEAR: $145.00 (this includes the $5.00 application fee)
THREE YEAR: $200.00 (this includes the $5.00 application fee)

Active members shall be individuals who hold current registration with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board, the Medical Dosimetrist Certification Board, or equivalent credentials. Active members shall be involved in the advancement and furthering of education in the Radiological Sciences.

Associate Membership
ONE YEAR: $80.00 (this includes the $5.00 application fee)
TWO YEAR: $145.00 (this includes the $5.00 application fee)
THREE YEAR: $200.00 (this includes the $5.00 application fee)

Associate members shall be individuals who have an interest in the association, but do not qualify as an active member. Associate members shall have all the privileges and obligations of the Association except the right to vote and hold office, or serve as chairperson of committees or liaison to outside organizations.

AEIRS Membership Year

The dues year for the Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiologic Sciences is from day the membership started for 1 full year. For example, if you join AEIRS or renew your membership on September 1st of the current year, your membership would expire the following year on September 30th.

See: AEIRS Brochure for even more details

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Privacy Policy/Disclaimer

AEIRS Privacy Information and Disclaimer

AEIRS values and respects our members. privacy. This policy explains the information that we gather through the web site and the ways in which it is utilized. It also explains our advertising policy and the limitations of information provided on the web site.

AEIRS PayPal Portal

AEIRS utilizes PayPal to process online financial transactions such including but not limited to membership dues and meeting registration fees. Information provided to AEIRS in the course of these transactions is used solely to complete the transaction. Information regarding individuals. use of PayPal is never shared or sold to other individuals or organizations.

Information provided to PayPal by individuals while setting up accounts to use the system is outside the control of AEIRS and is subject to PayPal.s privacy policy.

Membership Directory

AEIRS publishes a printed membership directory that is provided to all AEIRS members. Individual members have the right to choose what information is included in the directory.

Mailing Labels

AEIRS mailing list labels are available for purchase in either printed or electronic formats for $50.00 to members and $150.00 to non-members. AEIRS reserves the right to sell our mailing list for mailings that contribute to knowledge regarding the profession. The list is not sold for recruitment purposes.

AEIRS Members Listserver

AEIRS maintains an e-mail listserver to communicate information of interest to our membership. Participation in the list is voluntary. AEIRS does not share or sell members. e-mail addresses

Aggregate Data

AEIRS reserves the right to use aggregate data on the use of AEIRS online services to assist the Board in carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities.


AEIRS sells advertising in the AEIRS Spectrum newsletter and in our journal, Radiologic Science and Education. Advertisements appearing in the print version of these publications also appear in the online versions of these publications.

AEIRS also provides an online job board on which employers of radiological sciences educators may purchase postings.

AEIRS editorial policy is set by the editors of the individual publications with guidance from the Board. Editorial decisions are in no way affected by any outside entity.

Advertising rates and guidelines are available in the AEIRS Media Kit.

Questions, Comments and Corrections

Questions, comments or corrections regarding any information on the AEIRS web site should be directed to the AEIRS Executive Office, 526 Kingwood Drive #412, Kingwood TX 77339-4473. Telephone: 936-647-1443 Fax: 281-605-1450 E-mail:

Technical issues regarding the AERS web site should be directed to the webmaster by e-mailing


The content provided by AEIRS is for information purposes only and is designed for use by radiological sciences educators. It is in no way intended to be a substitute for medical consultation with a qualified health professional. AEIRS makes every effort to insure the accuracy of information included in its print and online publications through its peer review and editorial processes, however, we cannot guarantee nor take responsibility for the medical accuracy of information we publish. AEIRS does not assume any liability for the content of web sites linked to our site.