AEIRS Mentoring Services Program

To be eligible to be mentored, you must be a member of AEIRS.

Mentor and Mentee applications are available in the Member's Only section of the website.

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Mentoring: A formal educative process designed to enhance professional growth and development for both the mentoree as well as the mentor. It is a process that provides a supportive and nurturing experience designed to promote academic, intellectual, professional and personal development. A mentoring program is designed to provide consistent and reliable encouragement and inspiration anchored in real-life perspectives and expectations.

Mentor: An individual entrusted to .teach, train, guide, coach, motivate, sponsor. one less experienced; one who acts as a role model with the expressed desire to mold and lead a novice; one who serves as a resource person, referral agent, community representative and/or counselor; one who helps develop the knowledge, values, beliefs, and practice standards of the novice; one who is emotionally mature and demonstrates leadership qualities.

Mentee: A learner who is an active listener, one who seeks advice, asks important questions, and is open to suggestions and constructive criticisms; a mentoree wants to take advantage of the wisdom and experiences of the mentor but is also willing to offer suggestions and provide important feedback.

The AEIRS mentoring program is designed to:

  • Build camaraderie of its participants and aid leadership development skills
  • Increase success potential of its participants
  • Provide mentors who will deliver consistent and supportive guidance.
  • Ensure effective guidance and advisement for mentorees
  • Sponsor/provide appropriate training for mentors and mentorees
  • Conduct on-going evaluation of program effectiveness through analyses of measurable program outcomes

The AEIRS mentoring program can provide:

  • Direct Mentoring (email, phone, live webconferencing*)
  • depends on mentor & mentoree capabilities
  • Education-related resources on the AEIRS website

The AEIRS mentoring program can provide mentoring in the following areas of interest:

  • Student Learning
    • Student-centered learning environments: active, inductive, cooperative
    • Student learning styles: auditory, visual, tactile, kinesthetic, global, analytic
    • Student learning goals
  • Pedagogy
    • Teaching techniques
    • Technology use in the learning process
      • Platform use: pure online, hybrid, enhancements
      • Webcast, video-conferencing
      • Reusable learning objects, learning object repository development
      • Animations
      • Audio enhancements
  • Curriculum
    • Course design
    • Content development
    • Syllabi
  • Assessment and Evaluation
    • Assessment versus evaluation
    • Design
    • Process
    • Type: didactic, clinical, laboratory
    • Academic integrity: detection and prevention
  • Educational Role Expertise
    • Administrative: program management operations, budget, program assessment, curriculum design and delivery, accreditation.
    • Program faculty roles: didactic, laboratory, clinical coordination, clinical instruction
    • Student issues at-large: professional, social, personal, etc.
  • Research and Publication
    • Research design
    • Writing for publication
    • Grant writing

Online Resources
Online Resources are available in the Member.s Only section of the website.

The AEIRS online resources can provide materials in the following areas of interest:

  • Radiography
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Sonography
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Research & Publication

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