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Full Name: Wadah Mohamed Ali Khogali

Academic Title: Associate Professor, Medical Imaging (Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Imaging)

Clinical Titles: (DR), (NMT), (RP), (QA) and (CT)

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: 20 November 1985

Nationality: Sudanese

Marital status: Married with one daughter

Contact Information's:

Phone (Primary): +971551737326,

Phone (Secondary): +971556789421


Address: Orient Tower A1 – 906 – Liwara- Ajman, UAE.


Wadah Khogali is a qualified Senior Medical Imaging Scientist and A committed senior lecturer (Associate Professor) with an extensive experience at leading local and regional academic institutions / Medical Imaging Department.


Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc. Hon.), Master’s Degree (M.Sc.), Ph.D. Degree of Medical Imaging - Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Sciences.

Master’s Degree (M.Sc.) of Radiation and Environment Protection.

and, Academic Certificate of CT Computed-Tomography.

Tracks of Experience:

Teaching in Universities (local and international) for graduate and postgraduates’ students from various social and cultural backgrounds.

Clinical work experience parallel to the teaching which fortified my skills and knowledge further.

Professionally registered for Clinical Work at:

USA (CT Scan),

UAE (PET Scan) &

Sudan (NMT + RPO {Radiation Protection Officer}.

Research and Scholarly:

Scientific Papers: Published more than 34 Publications in High Impact Factors Journals (Scopus/ Elsevier /PubMed/ ISI Indexed Journals).

Also Published an Academic/Scientific Book.

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Member of many Internationals Professional Organizations.

Presented Conference Paper/ Conference Poster.

Editorial and Reviewer Role for many International- High Impact Factors Journals.

Learnings and Teachings skills: The main academic, Learnings and Teachings skills can be categorized into four mains categories which includes: Individual Student Mentoring, Small Group Teaching, Large Group Teaching, and Assessment Process.

Abilities: can be sorted under the followings main groups:

- Leadership Abilities ,

- Administration Level Abilities ,

- Teaching Level Abilities ,

- Research and Scholarly Abilities ,

- Medical Informatics Abilities ,and

- Care Management Abilities.

dr. wadah Khogali

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