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Important Statement From NCRP

Read NCRP's latest recommendations on gonadal shielding for abdominal and pelvic radiographic exams here:

Learn more about NCRP Statement 13: https://ncrponline.org/publications/statements/

Important Notice From the AEIRS Research Committee

The Research Committee is pleased to announce our call for Spring Research Grant Proposals.  Applicants must be the principal investigator and an active AEIRS member for two consecutive years including the year of application.  Visit the AEIRS Scholarships and Grants webpage  for submission guidelines and research tips! The research must focus on some facets of imaging or radiologic sciences education or practice and the project must be for a period not to exceed one year.


Submit your application by the March 1, 2021 deadline to be eligible for a grant award of $1000.

Request For Your Feedback

ASRT is beginning the update process for the next version of the Radiography Curriculum! We are changing the process slightly this year by asking for public comments on the existing curriculum before the revision workgroup convenes.

The current Radiography Curriculum is available at https://www.asrt.org/educators/asrt-curricula/radiography.


To submit comments for consideration, please complete the Radiography Curriculum Feedback Survey. The deadline for comments is Feb. 8, 2021. These comments will be shared with the curriculum revision project workgroup as they consider changes.

Please note, feedback on the curriculum is only accepted through the survey.

President's Message October 2020

I hope this message finds all of you and your families healthy and safe during these tumultuous times. I know most of you are working hard to maintain the successes of your educational programs. Students are always the center of our actions, and this includes their health and safety as well. It is hard to believe it has been 3 months since our 2020 AEIRS Virtual Conference in July.

I would like to share with you some of the activities of our committees since the 2020 Conference which was a highly successful meeting with excellent speakers.  Our committees have really dived in to work on their charges and are making great strides in the completion of them.  Our Research Committee, led by Kendra Hall and Tanya Custis has produced a short video to assist those interested in doing research. They will continue producing more videos throughout the year and if you have suggestions of topics for them, please let me know. Our Membership Committee, led by Ashely Balliet and Ashley Marshall, has been hard at work creating their September communications message which talks about CoVid-19 Updates and Educators Resources among other AEIRS benefits.  Our Education Committee, led by Toni Chamberlain and Catherine Cooper has put together a 1 CE ASRT approved Educator Webinar on November 9, “ As You Wish: What Educators Can Learn From the Princess Bride” presented by Bobbi Kowash.  They are also working on a 1-day webinar for spring 2021. A big thank you to all the committee members and their hard work.

Our new event planner, Michelle Wilt, has also been hard at work learning her responsibilities, working with RSNA/Associated Sciences Consortium, working with our 2021 AEIRS Annual Meeting chairpersons Mari King and Tammy Webster in planning the meeting in Jacksonville, and working with the Education Committee and the webinars.  Welcome aboard Michelle.

Jeffery Legg and the Editorial Review Board have done a wonderful job in getting manuscripts ready for publication in our AEIRS Journal and the Spectrum since taking over in July. Please keep submitting those manuscripts and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

And as always, your Board of Directors has been diligently meeting via Zoom once a month conducting the business of AEIRS. The Board recently approved a full audit be conducted of the finances of the association and are awaiting those results. AEIRS is as strong as ever due to its members and their willingness to volunteer their expertise, so thanks to all who give of their time. 

Please stay healthy and here’s hoping I will see all of you next July in Jacksonville, FL.  I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and I am sure we are all looking forward to 2021.

ARRT Draft Documents

Medical Imaging Professional:


The ARRT is currently conducting practice analyses for three of our certification and registration disciplines. It is our philosophy that an examination for certification and registration should be based on the job responsibilities of practicing imaging professionals. To ensure the examinations being reviewed reflect current practice, we have consulted with imaging professionals working in these disciplines to enquire about the tasks that are currently being performed. We are in the process of updating the content specifications and clinical requirements to reflect the changes in the clinical setting.


Your assistance in reviewing the content of these documents will help ARRT ensure they continue to produce current, accurate and fair content that covers the knowledge and cognitive skills required of imaging professionals in their respective disciplines.


The following draft documents are posted on the ARRT website for professional comment. The documents can be accessed on ARRT’s website. Or on the ARRT website, select ‘ARRT NEWS’.


Draft Radiation Therapy Content Specifications – comments due October 2, 2020

Draft Radiation Therapy Clinical Competency Requirements - comments due October 2, 2020


Draft Nuclear Medicine Technology Content Specifications – comments due October 12, 2020

Draft Nuclear Medicine Technology Clinical Competency Requirements - comments due October 12, 2020


Draft Radiography Content Specifications – comments due October 31, 2020

Draft Radiography Clinical Competency Requirements - comments due October 31, 2020


Feel free to share the website address and professional comment invitation with any qualified individuals.


Thank you in advance for your time and feedback.


Kind Regards,

Roxanne Koenen


Roxanne Koenen, B.S., R.T.(N)(ARRT), CNMT, PET





DIRECT PHONE & FAX 651.681.3185 | MAIN PHONE 651.687.0048



2020 SDMS Award & Competition Winners

For Immediate Release


Plano, Texas – The Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) is proud to announce the 2020 SDMS award and competition winners who were honored September 25, 2020 during the 2020 SDMS Annual Conference – Virtual Edition.


SDMS Distinguished Educator Award - The SDMS Distinguished Educator Award honors an exceptional educator in the field of diagnostic medical sonography who is uses innovative teaching methods to promote life-long learning.


Kimberly Michael, MA, RT(R), RDMS, RVT, FSDMS


Kenneth R. Gottesfeld Award - The Kenneth R. Gottesfeld Award recognizes sonographers for the publication of their outstanding research or review articles in the Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (JDMS).


1st Place: Addition of Subdiaphragmatic Vessels in Evaluation of Hemodynamically Significant Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Premature Infants



2nd Place: Glow Powder: See the Germs? An Innovative Teaching Technique in a Student Sonography Laboratory

Yosefa J. Pessin, DHSc, RDMS, RDCS, RVT

Eric P. Matthews, PhD, RT(R)(CV)(MR), EMT


3rd Place: A Longitudinal Study to Assess Abdominal Adioposity by Sonography, DXA, and BMI

A. Nicole Stigall, MS, RDMS, RVT

Randee L. Hunter, PhD

Kevin D. Evans, PhD, RT(R)(M)(BD), RDMS, RVS, FSDMS, FAIUM

Coleen K. Spees, PhD, MEd, RDN, LD, FAND


W. Frederick Sample Student Excellence Award - The W. Frederick Sample Student Excellence Awards recognizes outstanding writing in the field of diagnostic medical sonography. Named in memory of W. Frederick Sample, MD, who made tremendous contributions to the growth and development of the field of sonography, the awards encourage students to submit original research and literature review papers to the Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (JDMS).


Original Research


1st Place: The Impact of Sex and Height on Femoral Intercondylar Width as Assessed with Ultrasound

Annie Hurst

The University of Missouri – Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Program


2nd Place: The Gastrointestinal Response to Stress Detected by Ultrasound

Annie Lewis

The University of Missouri – Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Program

Literature Review


1st Place: Comparing the Use of Myocardial Contrast Echocardiography to Myocardial Perfusion Imaging in the Detection of Coronary Artery Disease

Dana Taylor

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center – Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program


2nd Place: Echocardiographic Tools for Assessing Chemotherapy-Induced Cardiotoxicity

Tiara Scott

The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center – Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program


Scientific Presentation Competition

The Scientific Presentation Competition evaluates sonographers’ original summary papers on clinical research, educational techniques, patient care, sonography department management, case studies presenting a diagnostic challenge, or other areas related to diagnostic medical sonography.


1st Place: Sonographic First Trimester Diagnosis of Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome: A Case Report

Emily Hildebrand, BS, RDMS, RDCS, RVT


2nd Place: Diagnosing Temporal Arteritis: Can Ultrasound Replace Temporal Artery Biopsy?

Douglas Clem, PhD, RDCS, RVT

Victoria Gowen, BHS, RDMS

Brooklyn McCann, BHS, RDMS

Madeline Scott, BHS, RDMS


SDMS Poster Competitions – Posters report the results of a research study completed by the author(s). Posters are judged on presentation, content, and originality and presented during the SDMS Annual Conference.


Sonographer Poster


1st Place: Isolated Fallopian Tube Torsion (IFTT): Differentiation Between a Common Verses a Rare Pelvic Pathology



2nd Place: Go With The Flow: VCUG vs. Ce-VUS in Diagnosing Vesicoureteral Reflux in Pediatric Patients

Cara Hill, BS, RDMS, RVT, RT(R)


Student Poster


1st Place: COVID-19 & Ultrasound: Monitoring Lung Conditions in COVID-19 Patients

Elizabeth Hirschauer

Michaela Walker

Laramie County Community College – Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program


2nd Place: Utilizing Echocardiography: Differentiating Amyloidosis from Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Systemic Hypertension

Megan Horst

Amira Mazar

Jacob Peterson

Katherine Raehsler

Mayo Clinic School of Health Science – Echocardiography Program

 Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control in Sonography: Reprocessing the Ultrasound Transducer

For Immediate Release


Plano, Texas – The Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS) is pleased to announce the publication of the Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control in Sonography: Reprocessing the Ultrasound Transducer. The SDMS Sonography Disinfection & Infection Control Task Force developed the guidelines to be consistent with existing regulations, standards, and current best practices.


The guidelines outline a comprehensive set of recommendations to address the use, handling, cleaning, disinfection or sterilization, transport, and storage of transducers used in diagnostic medical sonography. The guidelines also provide guidance on when to use a transducer cover and what type of ultrasound gel should be used during certain procedures.  A set of appendices is included in the guidelines containing step-by-step reference tables on how to prepare for and classify a sonographic procedure as well as reprocess the transducer used during a procedure.


Also available for download is the Sonography Procedures: Transducer Disinfection and Infection Control Worksheet. The worksheet is designed to educate students and allow facilities to evaluate infection control and disinfection policies and procedures and document variances from best practice (e.g., due to transducer manufacturer’s IFU limits).


The following organizations have endorsed or supported the Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control in Sonography: Reprocessing the Ultrasound Transducer.


Endorsing Organizations

  • American College of Radiology

  • Australasian Sonographers Association

  • Philips Ultrasound, Inc.

  • Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography


Supporting Organizations*

  • Acertara Acoustic Lab

  • Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs

  • MITA® Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance

  • Sonography Canada


* Some organizations have internal policies that do not permit endorsement of external documents. “Supporting organization” denotes a more limited level of review and approval than endorsement and means the organization considers the clinical document to be of educational value, although it may not agree with every recommendation or statement in the document.


Click here to download the Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control in Sonography: Reprocessing the Ultrasound Transducer.


Click here to download the Sonography Procedures: Transducer Disinfection and Infection Control Worksheet.

President's Message July 2020

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  This quote by Maya Angelou describes what I have always tried to remember in my teaching years and how I have moved through my professional career. 

       As I look around at all of you, I want to begin by thanking you for showing me your confidence in my ability to be President of this organization.  AEIRS represents and supports the best educators in our profession and I am humbled to be standing here before you today.  And I would be remiss not to thank my husband, children, and grandchildren who have supported me along this path. 

         We all have had a very trying past 6 months either personally or professionally. Trying to be innovative in just about everything we do, and doing it from our homes has been a challenge. This virus has caused many of us to teach from home or to home school (yes, I have a 6 yr old grandson and 2 ½ yr old granddaughter living with me this year while their dad is serving in the middle east), so my classroom activities have been counting to 100 by 10’s or taking 4 peaches away from 9 peaches or assisting with science experiments as we all get covered with explosive sodas and learning about the solar system. As frustrated as I get at times, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


      I know many of you have wondered after my retirement a few years ago why the heck I am still hanging around. Well, it’s very simple. I was not done serving, and of course, I would miss enjoying wine and laughs with my friends from across the US. So though I am not in the classroom anymore  ( and believe me when I say THANK THE LORD as I hear all of you trying to get through this past semester online), my heart is there after all those years and I can still give back in other ways.  AEIRS is one of those ways.

          AEIRS has continued to work hard this past year for its members, adjusting the way we conduct business. We plan to expand opportunities for scholarly activities by hosting regional seminars-  the first one was to be held at Blue Ash College in Ohio in November but COVID has recently put a halt to that one with a no travel ban for many through the end of the year. We will instead be doing a one-hour webinar in its place this fall and shoot for a one day face to face seminar in the Spring of 2021. We will also be offering more concurrent workshops and lectures at our annual meetings to give you some choices in continuing education.

      The Ad Hoc Advocacy Committee which was successfully led by Nina Kowalczyk has developed National Practices Standards for Educators and I will be assuming the role of liaison for this committee in this upcoming year. Our next charge will be to look at opportunities for educators to develop competencies to meet these Standards.

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