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The goal of the Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiologic Sciences, Inc. (AEIRS) is to meet the needs of the educator in imaging and radiologic sciences. AEIRS was founded as the Association of University Radiologic Technologists in 1967. The original objectives were to stimulate an interest in radiologic technology through the academic environment and to provide a means for health care professionals to exchange expertise and ideas.


In 1984 the name was changed to The Association of Educators in Radiological Sciences to more accurately reflect the organization's composition, which expanded to include collegiate and hospital based educational program faculty members in all of the imaging and radiation therapy fields.


June 10, 2006 the name changed to reflect the association’s commitment to inclusion for educators in all modalities. AEIRS shines as the front runner in the trend of organizations to embrace the spirit of modality inclusiveness.


AEIRS is one of the largest organizations for imaging and radiologic science educators, representing educators from the United States, Canada as well as countries abroad. 


AEIRS supports a wide range of regional faculty excellence seminars, an annual meeting, rapidly growing publishing initiatives, international networking, and a series of grant programs, including research awards, and international travel- scholarships.

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