What is AEIRS?

AEIRS is an international professional organization providing resources for education, networking, and research. Our mission is to serve the profession by:

Establishing and maintaining high standards of education in imaging and radiologic sciences

Encouraging the exchange of educational concepts and methods

Stimulating interest in teaching, academic advancement and research

Fostering collaboration between educators and other professional groups.

Join AEIRS today to enjoy unparalleled benefits!

✓ Radiologic Science & Education journal

✓ AEIRS Spectrum - filled with teaching tips, upcoming event schedule, networking opportunities

✓ Annual Meeting

✓ Workshops and seminars

✓ Research and Scholarship awards

✓ Opportunity for professional service

✓ Academy of Fellows recognition

✓ AEIRS online job board

There's More for YOU!

AEIRS is an active organization dedicated to serving the needs of its members with:

✓ Communication - AEIRS members network through e-mail and websites, through the Spectrum newsletter, through the peer-reviewed journal Radiologic Science & Education, and especially through contacts at professional meetings.

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✓ Professional Development- AEIRS members enjoy reduced registration rates at many high-quality AEIRS continuing education opportunities.


✓ Leadership Opportunities- AEIRS members have opportunities for collaboration with other professional organizations to tackle important issues, and opportunities to participate in professional activities such as committees, taskforces, and projects.


✓ A Strong Voice in the Profession- AEIRS recommends appointees to the JRCERT board; officially comments on proposals by the ARRT, JRCERT, NCRP and other professional regulatory groups; helps develop official curriculum standards; represents educators on the National Institutes of Health’s Radiology Research Academy, a member of the RSNA’s Associated Sciences consortium, and represents you in many other areas.


✓ Research- AEIRS continues to expand ways to support its members with resources and support such as research grants, database development, and scholarships for research and special projects and international travel support for scholarly presentations.


✓ Inclusive- The AEIRS 5-year strategic plan is committed to the inclusion of educators from all imaging modalities in our publications and presentations.

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