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2020-2021 Call for AEIRS Nominations are NOW CLOSED

Nominations for the 2020-2021 AEIRS election are now CLOSED. The following positions will be filled by election: President-Elect and Director-at-Large.


  • President-Elect: All active AEIRS members who have served on the AEIRS Board of Directors are eligible for the position of President-Elect. The term of service is three years for this position (one year each as President-Elect, President, and Chair of the Board).

 • Director-at-Large: All active members of AEIRS are eligible for the Director position. The term of service is three years for the Director position.


The following are the duties that people elected to the following positions are responsible for.



The President-Elect assumes the office of President at the Annual Business Meeting, one year post- election. The President-Elect will use this year in office as a period of self-education in all matters relating to the association.
The President-Elect will:

    1. perform all the duties of the President in the case of absence or inability to act
    2. attend all Board meetings of the Association
    3. acquireathoroughknowledgeofthepoliciesandproceduresoftheAssociation
    4. prepare committee appointments and present for Board approval at the Annual Meeting
    5. send message from old to new liaisons by May 1st, to outgoing, incoming committees, chair, and appointments
    6. coordinate leadership luncheon and send invitation to all chairs,vice chairs,appointees,liaisons, JRCERT, ARRT,             and ASRT
    7. evaluate the needs of the Association and be prepared to institute new measures to enhance the progress of t             the Association
    8. become familiar with parliamentary procedure
    9. serve as the advocate to the Publications Committee
    10. send a personally written letter to the ERB chair, Journal Executive Editor, Spectrum Executive Editor, and                   Managing Editor acknowledging the BOD’s appreciation of their efforts
    11. serve as chairman of the Annual Business Meeting Minutes Committee 12.serve as advocate under direction of            the President



The Director-at-Large will:    

    1. attend and provide input to discussion at all meetings of the BOD and Annual Meeting
    2. assist in the operation of the AEIRS in all responsibilities of the BOD
    3. serve on standing and/or ad-hoc committees as appointed by the President
    4. serve on the Annual Meeting committee as a member or chair
    5. become familiar with the AEIRS bylaws and the procedure manual
    6. serve as a resource person for the membership
    7. provide leadership and direction toward the accomplishment of the AEIRS goals and objectives
    8. communicate with the AEIRS Board and membership in a timely fashion.
    9. serve on the Annual Business Meeting Minutes Committee during the 3rd year as Director at Large 10.serve as             advocate under the direction of the President


Nominating Committee

Kelli Haynes, Chair

Paula Pate-Schloder

Heather Schmuck