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Advertising Information

Do you have a product that appeals to Educators?  Are you in search of a new faculty member or interested in recruiting students for your program? Have you ever wondered how to recruit faculty and students, or promote your product via an AEIRS publication?


The Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiologic Sciences (AEIRS) provides an excellent opportunity for you and/or your school to advertise in the Spectrum Newsletter and/or Radiologic Science & Education Journal. A variety of options exist to meet your advertising needs. Reach your target audience by advertising with AEIRS today!


AEIRS also offers an online job board for Radiologic Science faculty positions as a member service. Recruiting qualified faculty can be a challenge, but the AEIRS job board is a fantastic resource for member Educators and a great way to reach this target audience. An advertisement for your position can be posted on the AEIRS job board for three months at  It’s a great place to advertise for qualified candidates to fill faculty vacancies, and it includes a myriad of positions for radiologic science and imaging science professionals. Check back frequently for new job opportunities.

For all promotional opportunities, contact AEIRS at or call 936-647-1443. Review the media kit for job ad pricing online and in our Radiologic Science & Education Journal or Spectrum Newsletter.

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