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Committees, Appointees, & Liaisons Information

The AEIRS Committees are as follows:

  • Bylaws Committee

  • Education Committee (formerly Educational Resources Committee)

  • Fellow Committee

  • Membership Committee (formerly Networking and Recruitment Committees)

  • Nominating Committee

  • Research Committee (formerly Research Grant Committee)

  • Scholarship Committee

  • *Ad Hoc* Advocacy Committee

Interested in joining an AEIRS Committee? 

  1. Review the Committees and Duties in the Policy Manual below


  2. Complete an AEIRS Volunteer Form via Google Forms below


** The annual volunteer form deadline is May 1st.

If you are completing this form after the May 1st deadline, then you will be considered for committee assignment for the following year. **

Contact Julie Gill, AEIRS President-Elect for more information. 

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